Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Discipline of Contentment

I was catching up on some older podcasts yesterday, and I happened upon espisode 183 of  "Per.sonally Spe.aking" with Monsignor Ji.m Li.sante.  He interviewed Tony H.ale who played "Buster" on the T.V. show Arr.ested Dev.elopment.  They talked about the difficulties of being a Christian in Hollywood, and it was a fairly interesting interview; however, the end was what blew me away.  At around 15 minutes into the program, Monsignor asked Tony a question that was basically, "Looking back on your life, is there anything that you wish you would have tried to do differently?"  To.ny replied that he would have practiced the "discipline of contentment" more.  He explained that much of his life was spent saying "when this happens..." or "when I get the show..."  He continued that "...even when you get what you really want, you [won't] be able to enjoy it, because you haven't been practicing contentment." 

The part that made me certain I was going to blog about the interview was when he said:
"...because whatever it is, you know, marriage or babies, you know, getting a certain job--people always think this one thing is going to completely satisfy."

So true.

He explained that being grateful and happy with what you have " a discipline--something that you have to practice..."

Very good.

I know it's something I struggle with. 

Have you ever thought that your life would be complete if you only had a baby?  Do you feel that you miss/missed the other good things in life while you are/were focused on becoming pregnant, etc.?  How do you practice contentment in your life?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hemorrhagic Cyst

I had an appointment with my FCP (FertilityCare Practitioner) this past Friday, and we decided to do a sonogram since it was probably my peak day.

There was a mature follicle at that time, so they asked me to come back on Monday.  On Monday, it was still unruptured, so they asked me to come back for another sono today. 

I just had the sono, and the technician said that the follicle has changed into a hemorrhagic cyst.  I talked to my FCP, and she says that it's hard to say if this is typical or not. 

DH and I need to discuss when we're both going to be available during one of my upcoming cycles, so my follicle can be monitored.  Then I can get an inter muscular injection of HCG, which should help me to ovulate. 

DH is awesome.  He reminded me that even though this is hard, it seems like we are on the right path.  He told me that he is proud of me for going down this path, even though it is tough.  He said he feels good about what we're doing, because we're doing the right thing. 

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New Study on Predicting Miscarriage

I got a "Getting Pregnant Bulletin" from BabyCenter, and they included an article from Reuters about a recent British study.  The researchers claimed to discover an accurate way to predict miscarriage in a pregnant woman.  I thought all of you would find it interesting.