Sunday, October 28, 2012

No More Brown Bleeding!

Wow!  That is a disgusting title!  But the nuisance seems to be gone.  I'm not sure if its absence is permanent, but it never showed its ugly face last cycle, so I'm hoping this cycle will give me more of the same.

Yes, bummer, that this cycle has started...  I took it pretty hard at first.  I'm glad it started after church and when DH was around and DS was well-occupied.  I lay my head in hubby's lap, and he stroked my hair for 15 minutes, while the fireplace crackled and classical music softly played in the background.  The second song that came on was "Ave Maria," and I began heaving all over again, knowing that even though our hearts ache, God is there.

I recently read 33 Days to Morning Glory by Father Michael Gaitley, and I still haven't done the Marian Consecration.  I don't know why.  But, I know that Our Lady is there for me and does want to lead me closer to Jesus.  I felt that her song played during my lowest moments today for a reason.

In other news, besides no more brown bleeding, which is due to the 21-day course of antibiotics that DH and I finished a few cycles ago, I have also begun LDN.  I HAVE had some pretty vivid dreams and what seemed to be lots of interruptions in my sleep cycle.  Fortunately, I think that has tapered off somewhat.

Oh, yes, I also had my adrenals and thyroid hormones checked again, and although the numbers look better than they did at the last round of testing, they are on the borderline of being problematic.  I start taking (instead of licorice root) tomorrow.

Now I have pretty much exhausted the plans my doctor outlined after my surgery, so I'm not sure there's much else to try.  My husband and I decided that if we haven't conceived by the end of the year, we're going to start seriously looking into adoption.