TTC Timeline

Our Trying to Conceive Timeline
January 2013 - Early sonogram reveals a healthy baby with a strong heartbeat.  Due date is early August.  Will continue taking 4.5 mg LDN until approximately 36 weeks GA, in order to keep progesterone levels up and prevent miscarriage.  Also taking fish oil, pro-biotic, Vitamin D, calcium, and pre-natal vitamin.

November 2012 - BFP!  Do not believe the test, so try another one!  Blood work later shows good hCG and progesterone numbers.  Follow-up testing shows the hCG more than doubles, which is reassuring.

October 2012 - Food sensitivity testing showed no major sensitivities.  Pecans were the biggest offenders, and they only caused a mild reaction.  Cortisol saliva re-testing showed that my levels have improved, but are on the borderline of being problematic.  Now I will take Adr.en-all instread of licorice root.  My thyroid numbers are also borderline, but we will just work on adrenals for now.  DH and I finished a 21-day course of antibiotics, and I have no more brown bleeding for the first time, maybe, ever.  I began LDN (low dose Nal.trexone).  Also taking Letrazole on Day 3 of cycles.  I'm pretty sure I must have had endo, because the pain during my periods is now manageable without medication.  We're thinking more seriously about pursuing adoption.

July 2012 - Selective HSG and laparoscopy with Napro doctor.  Findings:  One tube with increased pressure.  Doctor passed through the tube several times, and now the tube has normal pressure.  Signs of inflammation within my abdominal wall.  No classic signs of endometriosis, but doctor sends in samples to double check (results:  one sample MAY have been endo; other samples were not).  Subtle micropolyps in uterus. Sample taken to check for infection (results:  no infection detected).  All "spots" are either removed or vaporized with the laser.  Doctor recommends checking for food sensitivities and adding Omega 3 supplement to diet (fish or flax).

March - May 2012 - Complete Neupogen protocol for three cycles.  (Repronex, Sono, Neupogen, hCG trigger shot, sono, Progesterone).  Mature follicles form with each cycle. Post-ovulatory sonos show probable ovulation for all three cycles.

February 2012 - Peak +7 estrogen and progesterone levels look good.  Meet with Napro doctor again.  Gameplan is to try Neupogen to cause (hopeful) follicle to rupture.

November 2011 - Meet with new Napro doctor.  Diagnosed with LUFS (Luteinized Unruptured Follicle Syndrome).  Doctor suspects endometriosis.  Take break from treatments, except continue progesterone during luteal phase b/c my PMS is so bad without it.

October 2011 - Begin learning Creighton Model to assist FertilityCare. (Previously used Billings)

September 2011 - 1st HCG shot.  BFN.

July 2011 - Series of sonograms reveal mature follicle.  Follicle changes into hemorrhagic cyst.  It has been 21 months in a row of TTC.

May 2011 - Saliva test results indicate wacky cortisol levels.  Fertility Care Practitioner (FCP) believes I have adrenal fatigue.  She thinks this is affecting my thyroid.  Begin taking licorice root.

April 2011 - Blood work reveals very low Vitamin D, abnormal thyroid hormone results, and abnormal progesterone results.  Begin supplementing with Vitamin D and progesterone.  Plan for saliva testing of cortisol and iodine urine testing.

March 2011 - analysis results are normal.

February 2011 - Meet with FertilityCare Nurse Practitioner to go over my menstrual cycle chart.  She suspects a luteal phase defect because the number of days varies by more than two days from cycle to cycle.  She prescribes hormonal testing.

January 2011 - See a non-denominational Christian OB/GYN.  Very nice person and seems like a very good doctor, but don't think this is quite the fit that I am looking for with my desire to keep in line with the Catholic guidelines for treating sub/infertility.  Get a prescription for a analysis (SA), however, which is something that we need to do.
November 2011 - Find a new general practitioner doctor who diagnoses me with "Infertility" based on only what I told him, and my insurance does not pay for my visit.  Thanks.  I ask for a referral to an infertility clinic, thinking I would find something Catholic since it's a Catholic medical group.  Wrong.  (Neither this doctor nor any of the nurses at this medical group tell me about the FertilityCare practitioner that is affiliated with this medical group--just in a different town.  I even specified that I was looking for something in line with Catholic teachings.)

October 2011 - One year (in a row) of TTC.   Move to a different town.  Need to find a new doctor.

June 2011 - Begin using Clear Blue Easy Ovulation Predictor. 

August 2010 - I am pretty sure something is not right.  We have been trying to conceive for 10 months in a row.  It has been longer than this if you count the months where we tried, but later stopped due to various reasons.  (We began trying before our son turned two.  We experienced a number of stressors during this time, however.)  Nurse practitioner tests my progesterone and prolactin for one day.  Results come back as normal.


November 2006 - Uncomplicated delivery of baby boy.

March 2006 - Conceive at age 26.

August 2005 - Begin TTC.  My father passes away in October, but we continue trying.