Thursday, May 31, 2012

Grieving & Journeying Together

Even though each infertile couple's journey is completely unique, there are similar aspects that touch each case.  I recognized several of these aspects while reading a recent blog by a man whose marriage has been touched by sub/infertility.  I'm sure most everyone in the Catholic sub/infertility world has seen this article, as it was featured on "Faith and Family Live!"  However, I wanted to echo gratitude for this young man's courage in sharing his experience with sub/infertility.

The author, Dr. Timothy O'Mall.ey, is definitely a gifted writer, and I appreciated his eloquence.  I found the following excerpt regarding his experience with prayer particularly beautiful:
In fact, words often still hurt too much to utter; I at times have no energy to utter in prayer; all I have left is an imitation of the very silence I hear in response to my petitions. 

Another selection I could relate to was this one:
And as my will was stretched out, I found new capacities for love available to me.  A new awareness that the “calling” of infertility has made me aware of the lonely, the vulnerable, the needy, and allowed me to perceive the true gift of a human life.  
Although reading about another's struggle with a similar cross doesn't make it go away, I do find healing from it.  A common aftereffect is that I don't feel quite as alone.  While I realize I am never truly alone, it can be difficult to remember this in all occasions.  Sharing tribulations with other human beings and learning from their thoughts and experiences is what I like best about this Catholic sub/infertility Blog-o-sphere.  I look forward to sharing Dr. O'Mall.ey's blog with my husband.  I hope it enriches your life, too.